Discover the Mimosa road

24/03/2022 | News

Discover the Mimosa road,

the unmissable event of the French Riviera

The Mimosa Road, stretches from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse. A beautiful scented escapade for your vacations from January to March on the French Riviera through Saint Raphael!
Today, the Mimosa Road stretches over 130 km from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse.

Between January and March, discover the Côte d’Azur along this winter walk with its mild climate, bright colors and azure blue sky.
The Mimosa grows in the south of France is a genus of trees of the family Mimosaceae or according to the phylogenetic classification, the large family Fabaceae and the subfamily Mimosoideae.

The Mimosa is defined by a golden ball that attracts the eye, a recognizable fragrance, a long flowering in winter, a decorative foliage all year round and very varied silhouettes.

Obviously, there is a reason why mimosas are mostly found on the shores of the sea or the ocean, in the Mediterranean or on the Atlantic coast.
Your itinerary along this route will allow you to discover the towns of Bormes-les-Mimosas, Rayol-Canadel-sur-mer, Sainte-Maxime, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Tanneron, Pégomas, Grasse and of course Saint Raphaël!

We wish you a nice trip for your vacations on the French Riviera!